Black Metal Mercantile - Who & What?

Purveyors of the Unique & Distinct

What is Black Metal Mercantile? We are purveyors of the unique & distinct – a vintage inspired general store concept with a modern twist. What makes general stores great is that they have a little of something for everyone. Food/drinks, home décor, collectibles, music related products, leather journals, flasks, hot sauces &  seasonings, candles, toys, crafts, candy, plush animals, stickers, magnets, art prints, Virginia peanuts, and many locally handcrafted items from local artisans. We love unique, we love distinct, and we love sharing all of the fun and interesting items we discover with everyone.

Deron Blevins

Our Founder

Black Metal Mercantile was founded by entrepreneur Deron Blevins. Deron is a Manassas, Virginia native and is also the current co-owner of award winning Shining Sol Candle Company, owner of Creation Nation (founded in 1998), as well as owner of various online website properties. Deron’s work background is wide ranging. He started out his working career in the civil engineering field as a draftsman (pre-computers, then evolving to CADD), then transitioned to the graphic design field, which then naturally evolved into web design/web development (and online marketing) with the rise of the dot-com boom. Utilizing all of the skills and experiences acquired over the course of his career – mixed with his love of the unique and distinct – Black Metal Mercantile was born.