Virginia Peanuts - The Best Peanuts

What Makes Virginia Peanuts the Best

Virginia peanuts are grown in… you guessed it, Virginia. Not just anywhere in Virginia though, specifically, southeast Virginia. What makes Virginia peanuts the best is the holy trinity of soil, climate, and weather. There’s just something magical that is hard to replicate in the greater Sussex County, Virginia region when it comes to producing the perfect peanut. Some of the surrounding Sussex County areas include Suffolk, Surry, Brunswick, Dinwiddie, and Southampton (to name a few).

Virginia Peanuts Direct From Manassas, Virginia

You can browse the Virginia peanuts we currently have in stock below. Simply order online for delivery, or select local pickup if you’re near our Manassas, Virginia retail store. We are located at 9082 Center Street, Manassas, VA 20110 – right in the heart of Historic Downtown Manassas.

Oh The Crunch, Oh the Flavor.

Virginia peanuts have an undeniable crunch and flavor, more so than the other peanut varieties. Credit has to be given to the southwest Virginia sandy soil, climate, and weather conditions. Even if you took a Virginia peanut seed, and tried to plant and grow it in another location outside of southeastern Virginia – it will not taste or crunch the same. Also, the size would not rival that of the Virginia peanut, which is the largest of all peanut varieties.

Let’s not forget the fun part when talking about Virginia peanuts… the various seasonings, flavors, and cooking methods! Honey roasted peanuts, hickory smoked peanuts, chocolate covered peanuts – boy oh boy, the list goes on and on! And then you get to season them up with salt, dill, maple bacon, BBQ, taco seasoning, the choices of Virginia peanut flavors are almost endless.

How Are Virginia Peanuts Grown & Harvested?

Virginia Peanut Brands Available

Some of the Virginia peanut brands that we carry here at Black Metal Mercantile are (in no particular order)
Virginia Diner, Feridies, Whitley’s, Surry Shop, Peanut Shop of Williamsburg, Belmont. We also carry Carolina Peanut Factory, and The 1949 Nut Co.